Wednesday, June 15, 2011

100 quilts in 100 days!

A HUGE thank you to the hundreds of quilters, sewers, binders, ironers, sorters and organizers that have all volunteered their time for Moda's Just One Star Program. As of June 14th we have met our goal of 100 quilts in 100 days. The generosity has been overwhelming. I am personally moved by the generosity of quilting community. The notes and letters have touched us with the stories. I know that the soldiers that receive these quilts will also be moved by the time, talent and love that have gone into each of these quilts.
We have received blocks from all over the world for this event totally at this point 12,000 blocks. This event has grown much bigger than we could have ever imagined and we owe each of you the participated a big thank you.
 We could not have done it without you.
We will be posting updates regarding additional quilts and the distribution of quilts and blocks
 here, so check back for additional details. 


  1. Lissa
    Awesome is what comes to mind - beautiful photo, as I have said:
    Great companies, have great people on board and they do "great" things, this is the perfect example. As always, it makes me proud to be part of this great company.
    Polly Minick

  2. Amazing accomplishment! Thanks to Moda for coordinating such an awesome program!

  3. Awesome and incredible seeing this photo! Thank you for allowing us to participate and being a part of this wonderful program! Many thanks to Moda and all who worked many hours to accomplish 100 quilts in 100 days!

  4. Lisa,
    If you are interested I would be happy to quilt a couple of quilts for you. I would also provide the batting and backing for these quilts.
    Let Me know if you are interested.
    The Calico Horse

  5. Wow! That is awesome. To think that little scraps of fabric from all over the country, stitched up with a whole lot of love... became that mountain of quilts!

    Thanks for putting this together, I know we at the Vegas Modern Quilt Guild were proud to support this great cause.

  6. They look beautiful! I thought they were going to use the "Flag of Valor" pattern for these quilts. It doesn't look like these have the rows of floral fabric between the rows of stars. I'm sure they look great....just wondering what the quilts actually look like!

  7. Fabulous job! So many people contributed to this project, it was awe-inspiring. Thank you to everyone involved, and to our self-less men and women in the military who protect our country.

  8. Amazing job!! Thanks for the opportunity to participate, and a big thank you to everyone who sewed the stars together, quilted and bound these quilts.

  9. As an Airman & quilter myself. Thank-you to everybody who took the time to do that. You're going to brighten somebody's day!

  10. Is this a project that will be ongoing or was it a one-time thing??

    I would love to participate in round 2!

  11. Now THAT is a sight to see!!
    Thanks so much for organizing this effort.

  12. The quilts look beautiful! :D Thank you for letting us be involved! It was so much fun and helped me practice my quilting more! :)

    ~Miss Rachel~

  13. I was at my Tuesday group today and one of the ladies brought in the advertisement
    from "Just One Star" thanking all who had participated. On close inspection we saw our name " Ladies on the Edge of the Sea " listed with all the names in the background. We were all so happy and pleased to see our name there. It was our pleasure to help in this project and thank you for doing this for our soldiers.
    Sincerely, Joan E.